Services We Offer

Communicate with insurance companies

Did you get into an accident? Let us help you. We will contact your insurance provider, arrange for an appraiser to inspect your car and guarantees that your car gets repaired to the highest manufacturer's quality pre-accident condition.

Provide 24 hours towing services

With just one call, our towing specialists will be there to take the vehicle back to our shop for repair services. You'll appreciate our affordable towing services and our guarantee that your vehicle makes it back to our shop safely. For fast towing services, contact us at (323) 254-8088.

Update customers on vehicle status 

We understand how much your car means to you. You can be rest assured that we will be in constant communication with you in the different phases of our work progress. Feel free to also visit or call us during our hours of operation (Monday - Saturday, 8am - 6pm).

Deliver vehicle fully washed or detailed 

After a complete inspection of your vehicle repair, we certify that we taken all the necessary steps to restore its crash worthiness, as well as a guarantee that all of the work has been done in a factory authorized method. Your car will be waiting for you washed inside and out.

Car rental assistance 

At Donlyson Auto Concepts, we understand that having a car is essential to your daily life. We can assist you on your car rental needs with any of the car rental companies.

Custom body work and painting 

We offer complete body work and vehicle painting with the highest quality automotive paints and clear coat. We can do both custom and factory colors on your vehicle. All of our car repaints are performed in our state of the art spray booths by skilled paint technicians.

Widebody and JDM conversion 

Wider is better! Do want that sporty look to your car or just need more room for those wide rims that you long for? We can do the job for you. We can customize your vehicle with a widebody and/or JDM conversion to suit your needs.

Body kit installations 

Need help with your body kit? Let our professional installers assist you in installing a body kit to your vehicle. We can also recommend the best kits to attract on-lookers and make your ride into a head-turner.

Old skool concepts 

We take pride in designing a unique ride for your personal enjoyment and experience. They don't make cars like they used to, but many car owner are bringing back the nostalgia of previous models with a modern flare. Let us help you design your dream ride.